Follow The Steps To Get Licensed Below

  1. You should have received an affidavit and agreement to E-Sign. Once that is complete, those along with your hierarchy sheet will be sent in to Family First Life Corporate headquarters to begin processing. You will be contracted directly to the carriers but this will get you into FFL’s system to have access to the CRM, company standings and lead vendors.
  2. While they are processing that, you can start by creating a profile on SureLC to get contracted with the carriers. Use the following link: To complete this process, you will need PDF copies of the following to upload:
  3. Start Contracting with Americo, American General, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Athene and Accordia as priority for now but you should request for all of them when you have time. You can’t select multiple carriers at a time so go through each of them one individually. Here is a video tutorial for the site: Here is additional Contracting info and direct links to SureLC:
  4. After you have completed your Surancebay:**Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your first writing number.**Please contact the carriers directly to check on your contracting. Carrier contact info is here to follow up directly: They will have the most up to date info and requirements. **If you are interested in hiring a new agent on your team please contact your upline for details.
  5. Once your Surancebay profile is completed, go to FFL’s site to create a user account and agent dashboard. You will receive an email with a link to create your FFL+ account shortly. Once your dashboard has been created, click onto “CRM” on the left column to activate it. You can also purchase leads from here going forward.
  6. Then once you’re all set up, go to or download the app on Apple devices (this site/app will be your best friend) to get plugged in and get all your resources such as leads, scripts, training videos, training podcasts, product and carrier information, what comes next and all kinds of useful information. There is also great additional online training resources at (pw for agent resources is “eliteallin”) or
  7. Plug into our Facebook group where you can join the community. Ask your direct upline to add you, search for Family First Life USA/WestCoast/Financial/Coast-to-Coast/Elite/Grow/Freedom or go to and request to be added:
  8. Family First Life also has a partnership with Reliashield, which is a identity theft protection service. It offers valuable products, weekly commissions and lifetime renewals on any sales you make. So while you are waiting on your licensing or contracting to be completed, you can sell these products in the meantime. If you are interested, please let your direct upline or I know and we can get that set up for you to start making some income immediately!

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